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What to do when you find a water heater leak?

Water heater leaks can have many causes. Water heaters, like any other appliance, have a limited useful life, especially considering that their function is to hold water that must be continuously maintained at a high temperature. Therefore, it's reasonable to assume that water heater leak repair is applicable for only a subset of possible leak causes; the rest - for example, a heating element leak - require water heater replacement. One of the most common sources of water heater leaks is the temperature-pressure relief valve, whose function is to allow water to release when water pressure in the tank is too high. Excess pressure can result from setting the water temperature too high, so adjusting it down may solve the leak. The heater drain valve is another leak source, and simply tightening this valve may solve the problem. Replacement of either of these valves is among the most common water heater leak repairs. If you need a water heater repair in brea then visit our site.

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